Nepean Miniature Aerosport Association
Our club end-of-year (2017) family day
Good time with friends around the table

November 2019 - Family Day
With our own chef - BBQ Magic.

Welcome to our website ,

Nepean club members have been flying from our Tootgarook site for over 30 years and we typically have a membership of around 65. Saturday is our most popular day but many members take advantage of good weather to fly during the week.

We are on a disused tip site nestled up near swamp land, it may not sound picturesque but we think it scrubs up nicely. The runways in relation to the sun rising and setting give you good visuals of your plane. You can pretty much always count on a breeze or wind, it's the geographical location they tell me.

Types of models flown by members vary greatly, fixed wing is the predominate type and scale is the most popular. Aerobatics also gets a mention and the odd glider can be seen from time to time. We have Electric, Glow and Petrol engines mixing it up giving a good cross section of the hobby/sport.

An instructor will assist new comers getting into the air and help with any problems along the way. Before buying a plane and transmitter I would say that it’s best to research  your purchase. You don't have to be a member to ask about suitable beginners plane and transmitter.

Check the weather forecast on one of the above sites

All 2.4 Radio equipment must comply with MAAA
     certification rules so as to be covered by insurance properly.

If the above appeals to you,
then NMAA may be the club for you.

Sharing our airspace with Civil Aviation planes
please read and follow

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